Glass Doors

Glass Doors entry doors Jacksonville FL

Aside from offering a variety of windows, Jax Window Experts also specializes in installing glass doors. If you need any type of window replacement in Jacksonville FL, know that we would love to be your contractors- even if the window that needs to be replaced is on your door.

The process involving doors is typically short and easy for us to finish relatively quickly. That way, you will not feel that we are intruding into your space while we work on replacing and/or repairing the doors on your home. However, you should know that some of this renovation process does take place indoors.

Residential Doors

Adding glass to your home’s front door can make it look much more appealing. Plus, there is the benefit of being able to see who is at your door before you open it when an unexpected guest arrives. This can be an additional safety feature for you and your family while at home. 

We can easily add more windows to your front door if you want. The process is simple and should not take us more than a few days to complete. Adding windows to residential doors in Jacksonville FL is a process that we have done many times- making our team experienced and well-versed in installing them.

Finding a company that can efficiently handle replacing windows and doors in Jacksonville FL does not need to be hard- simply contact us as soon as you have a chance. You will love the work that we do.

In short, we know how to handle all kinds of situations involving entry doors in Jacksonville FL. We can handle adding windows to your various doors and can even handle installing sliding glass doors. We will cover this more below.

Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are popular in Jacksonville FL, so we have handled the installation and replacement of this type of door many, many times. We know every step by heart and can make the whole process easier on you. 

Many of our clients have experienced cracked or broken glass doors. This often needs to be remedied quickly, as these large pieces of glass can let in a lot of heat and humidity during the summer. Plus, when it is cold or rainy outside, you can be sure that the elements are going to come into your home.

Our sliding glass door repair in Jacksonville FL is efficient and will provide you with a sliding door that prevents the weather from coming inside. We also ensure that our doors are sealed properly, meaning that the energy you put into heating or cooling your home will not escape- saving you money over time. This makes upgrading your sliding glass doors a great investment.

As your window experts, you can rest easy knowing that we have the installation covered. You do not need to be present for the installation unless you want to be. Meaning that you do not need to take off a day of work to get your new sliding doors unless you really want to.

We have a variety of sizes so that you can find a sliding door that fits your home. We can handle both the installation and the replacement of old doors.

Before We Arrive

Before we arrive to replace or install your home with new sliding doors, be sure that the areas (inside and outside) surrounding the door location are free from clutter. This can help speed up the process. If you have any concerns, be sure to talk to our team when they arrive. 

Having a set of sliding glass doors installed on a wall can be a large project. You will want to be sure that you understand the details when we get to the site. We will be ensuring that the door fits properly, using shims and caulk to seal the door, making sure that everything is square, and making sure that there are no air leaks in the door or the frame.

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