Vinyl Windows

Vinyl Windows Jacksonville

Vinyl windows are made from PVC, a type of plastic material. Our high-quality vinyl windows can help you save money on your heating bills, as they are providing additional insulation to the window frame. If you want your home to be more energy-efficient, then these windows can be essential to achieving that. 

We have the best windows in Jacksonville FL and you can be sure that we will install them as efficiently as possible.

Before We Arrive

Before we arrive, you might want to be sure that you know the exact date and time that we are coming. If you and your home have any special needs then you will want to let us know. Our team wants to do the best possible job for you, so it is helpful to keep us informed about your unique needs. 

Once we are on-site, feel free to talk to our team’s foreman. They will be sure to inform you of the process, answer your questions, and overall let you know what to expect when getting your vinyl windows installed. We pride ourselves on having wonderful customer service and want to be your first pick for a new window in the Jacksonville area.

The Process

First, our window specialists will want to check the current state of your windows and frame. Since windows in Jacksonville are subject to a lot of humidity and moisture, we will be looking for any cracks, broken glass, rotting wood, and checking the squareness of the frame. This will determine what steps we need to take to ensure you get the highest-quality installation.

If the wood in the frame is rotting or deteriorating, then we will need to replace it. This will likely add more time to the job, although it is necessary to complete the installation well. Your home’s structural integrity may be at risk if parts of it are rotting and we want to ensure that we provide you with the best possible window installation services we can.

We will provide caulking around the windows, which will seal any air leaks. Finally, our team will install the vinyl trim, ensuring that your home has an increase in insulation. We can do this quickly and efficiently, no matter how difficult the task- we are experts when it comes to window installation.

This job may take longer than simply replacing the windowpane, as we are adding vinyl to the frame. You may be present if you wish, as we will likely need to come inside to complete the task properly. If you are unable to stay home due to work or other reasons, we understand. You can trust us to install your windows while you are away.

Vinyl Window Maintenance

If you want to make sure that your vinyl windows have a long life, then you will want to take care of them. Be sure that you know how to open and lock them correctly, as doing it the wrong way can wear out your windows over time and damage them.

You will also want to clean the glass frequently. Using a simple glass cleaner with a microfiber cloth is what we recommend. To clean the vinyl, you just need some soapy water to keep it looking nice.

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