Window Replacement

Window replacement jacksonville fl

Installing new windows usually only happens a few times during the life of your home, so not many people know how to go through the process themselves or even what to expect when our team comes to do the job. This summary should help you know what you can expect when we come to replace your windows. 

Our window replacement in Jacksonville is an easy process that requires little investment on your part. You do not need to stay home that day, but you can if you would like to. Many people feel more comfortable being present while the job is being done, we understand and appreciate you taking the time to be there if you so choose.

However, if you can not take time off of work to be with us that day, that is fine as well. We want to be able to work with your schedule to get you high-quality windows installed into your home.

Before the Team Arrives

Before our specialists arrive at your home, you will want to do a few things to ensure that the installation goes smoothly. First, be sure that you have contacted our office and know the exact date and time our team will be at your home. This keeps us from accidentally surprising you!

If your house has unique needs, be sure that we are aware of them. We would recommend placing sticky notes next to the windows that are being replaced if you think that they require more instruction. You can also do this if you want to keep the old window instead of throwing it out. For instance, you could write, “Please save this windowpane.” on the note for us.

Removing Old Windows

When our Jacksonville window replacement team arrives, we would like to quickly go over your needs with you and make sure that we have the correct order with us. After that, we will start by removing the old windows. 

We do this from the inside, depending on the location of the windows that are being changed. The process of removing the windows is quick and easy with our team tackling the job.

Installing the New Windows

Once we have the old ones removed, we can begin by installing your new windows. Depending on the contract, we will also work on the exterior trim after the new windows are in their proper places. This creates a seal that protects against the elements and helps with isolation. 

Before We Leave

Before we leave, we will make sure that we have collected all of our tools and will sweep the areas around your windows. As professionals, we never will leave a large mess for our clients to clean up on their own. 

In some cases, we may have more exterior work to do on the windows the following day. We will let you know if this happens. However, since all of the exterior cladding is done outside of your home, you will not need to be there for us to do it- unless you want to be of course.

Our team is very experienced when it comes to window replacement in Jacksonville FL, so you can be sure that we can handle the job efficiently, quickly, and reliably. 

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